Sample SepS


We make it easy to print halftones and simulated process separations. The download comes with everything you need to print, including:

  1. Separation files are available in Photoshop, PDF format (open in any program including Corel and Illustrator), or PDF with embedded halftones
  2. Separation color comp with color bar
  3. Specs including print order, ink colors & mesh


We've created a Photoshop Action that will embed halftones for you -FREE! If you don't have a RIP program to convert grayscale images into halftones, this is the next best option. Don't work with Photoshop? No problem, we embed halftones upon request, pricing is $15 per separation.

  1. Download the file
  2. Place the file in the ACTIONS folder inside your Photoshop application
  3. Restart Photoshop
  4. Click action options and load the new Halftone action
  5. To halftone a greyscale image, just play either the 55lpi or 45lpi action. *Files will be increased to 720dpi in order to maintain the best possible dot quality upon output.