About Us

Welcome to the Monster Graphics' ScreenPrintSeps.com website! We started this site to solely focus on screen print separations. Our parent site is MonsterGraphics.net where we provide more information on graphic design related to the screen print industry. My name is Shannon Lucier. I am the proud owner and lead separator at Monster Graphics.

My screen printing experience began in 1994. Cutting rubylith and working a camera in the darkroom. Living near Los Angeles since 1994, I worked with many big names in the industry, including Disney, Warner Bro., Hanna Barbara and Universal Studios. Companies well known for their high standards in printing and production.

I was lucky enough to experience the color separation innovation. Photoshop was still in it's infancy but screen printers recognized it's potential to change the way we print. I was there during this time; experimenting and pushing the capabilities of the press. We have come so far as an industry in the last 20 years. Monster Graphics is still pushing for the next level of exceptional prints. See how we can take your prints to the next level!

Over the last 23 years, Monster Graphics has been awarded honors by SGIA (Graphic Image Association) and SPTF (Screen Printing Technical Foundation) for our exemplary service in the industry. (Read more about our experience, clientele, awards, and publications.)