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"Shannon was AWESOME!!!  We were in such a bind with these two designs and the seps. We sent them over to Shannon and she got them to us the next day! They walked us throu
gh the whole process of printing out the films for it. Highly recommend!!" 
-Classic Screen Printing

"The files worked great! Thank you very much, we have been having a hard time finding a separator to do the Photo based designs our customers want and thank you for being so helpful! I'm sure you will hear from us often from now on!"  
-DeeDee, Creative Imprints

"You've been fantastic! I should send you pics of the prints we've been able to put out. Our clients are floored by the quality you've allowed us to achieve. Don't you dare go out of business! Lol"  
-Amy Wynn-Schieda, Kader Printing

"Monster Graphics is a well-known industry art service bureau I've used on many projects.  Their professional demeanor shows in the quality of their work."  
-Scott Fresner, T-Seps

"Just wanted to tell you that the job went off without a hitch. Thanks so much for your help! We will definitely be back in the future when we need help with art."  
-Juli, Barefoot Tree's Trading

"So many things to thank you for! Quick turnaround, reasonable price, easy interface... my printer said the files were easy to use, well chosen color recommendations, and it printed up very nicely. The clients are thrilled- got this text from them; >>The t-shirts are selling very well; many people have commented on the artistry and quality of printing<<  I will recommend you to other screen print shops for separations."  
-Mary Klotz, Graphic Designer

"Your product has been fantastic!  I wish I had known about you sooner!"  
-JT, Dakota Lettering

"Monster Graphics is one of the best in the industry for color separation.  They have always been there when I needed something done last minute, handling tasks with the uppmost professionalism. The quality and service is unbelieveable, I can't imagine using anyone else."  
-Mike Pacheco, Philcos Enterprise

"You are the best screen print separator in the whole world!!!  Good morning and enjoy the rest of your day knowing Info Screen Printing thinks you are the best!"  
-Eric Gibby, Info Screen Printing

"I hired Monster Graphics to make a logo for my company.  It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this company for all your graphic design needs!"  
-Kirsten Jensen, Mobile Beauty Team